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Osho (1931- 1990) was an enlightened mystic who lived and worked in the 60s, 70s and 80s in India and the USA. His vision was to combine Eastern meditation / soul and spiritual presence - Buddha, with Western ability to enjoy life, to live in the body - Zorba. "Zorba the Buddha" - a new person with access to both consciousness and enjoyment of life. From this vision, new session, meditation and therapy forms were created with the meditation as the basis for increasing awareness and contact inward and through the body to deal with feelings and wounds. Meditation techniques from Eastern wisdom were combined with the 70's body therapeutic methods. "Human psychology" or "The psychology of Awakening".

This way of working is also called "holistic". Whole. Both body and soul.



“Osho therapy provides dignity and self-esteem to man through the understanding that the answer to life's existential problems comes from within, not from outside. They arise from the deepest core of our being, not from anyone else. At best, therapy helps us remove the obstacles that stop us from finding our own answers. Awareness is not something anyone can give to anyone. An Osho therapist's job is to create an atmosphere in which the client's inherent wisdom and understanding can come and go. The therapist works more like a midwife. It is not a process from here to there, but to a deeper and deeper here and now. "

By Svagito, introduction to the book " Oshoterapi 7"



"Completeness happens by confronting and completely tolerating the incompleteness".

By AH Almaas , author and leader of " The Diamond approach "





No, you don't have to. The desire to meet oneself goes far. Meditation can look in many different ways, from sitting still with a mantra to dancing, walking in the woods or cycling. Meditation helps us in the session work when we face what is hurting us by increasing our capacity to care for ourselves, to face what is difficult from a distance and it can lead us through the wound into the present. Through meditation we get closer to our "genuineness" and closer to the experience of being part of a much larger whole.




Meditation is the way to reconnect with ourselves in depth and from there, we can get to know what we really are, our innermost essence, beyond childhood embarrassments and painful life experiences. We have both the wounds and the solution within us, stored in the body, and when we turn our consciousness there we can, in a safe interaction with another human being, make our way into ourselves and with the meditation as anchor to face what scares us and heal what is hurts.

” When you meditate, you become as normal as the birds, as the trees. When you meditate you become natural again.” - Sagarpriya De Long

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