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eva shana ekengren

My inner journey began after I was in the midst of a life crisis, when I experienced that I had lost everything, began to meditate. Based on a tremendous desire to find inner peace, I borrowed a book by Deepak Chopra and, with the help of it, started to meditate. I immediately experienced such a deep sense of "coming home" that I had to continue and I haven't stopped since. I can safely say that it is the choice I made that changed my life the most in a positive direction, ever. From being a "solo meditator", I became curious about meditating with others and then came into contact with Osho's physical meditations, which led me to the Risk Meditation Center in Denmark. There I went for a 1.5 year group therapy training, which combines therapy with meditation, which changed all the basic tone of my life. Instead of being afraid of what was inside me, which I realized I always was, I got to experience the opposite here, that the biggest source of intelligence and warmth were within myself. I had to learn the ways of my own body's intelligence. When I dared to fully experience my feelings, to know them from within and with the meditation and a fellow human being in attendance as support, I could experience how what hurt me let go and was transformed. Pure magic, and instead of facing judgment when I opened myself up and exposed my wounds and darker sides to others, I got to experience contact, compassion and, yes, love. It completely changed my basic feeling for myself and my experience of others and is today the basis of my work with others.


I have never encountered any methods that have helped me so much and so persistently. Not because I understood things, but because I got to experience myself from the inside out in depth, and in this way rebuilt my own relationship and trust in myself, in a safe space held by the contact of meditation and a fellow human being.


I trained between 2013-2019 as a Holistic counselor and in Innerman Inner woman energy reading within the same therapeutic sphere, and give sessions in Malmö, at the Afroz meditation center in Greece and at Ängsbacka.


The sessions and workshops I offer are based on the fact that when you reconnect with yourself, your larger self, your larger aspect, can be present in your life and with the ally you can meet yourself, others and life from a whole new foundation.

Welcome to meet yourself, with me.

“Thanks again for yesterday's session. It has remained in me actively and with strength. More and more are coming up. I experience a profound shift in myself where I recover, find and reconnect. And a sense of self-love I can't explain. Deep and sacred. I am in a relationship with myself. Love beyond ”.  Shakti

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